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Learn about the benefits of Unified4People over other crowd-funding sites.

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Unified4People provides a convenient, easy, low-cost platform for your fundraising solution. We focus on people. It’s simple to get started and you have convenient payment solutions that are designed to help PEOPLE, not businesses.

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Current Success Story:

  • How much funded: $2,315.00
  • Blue Bell was found in the early morning on Wednesday, January 25th at 7:45 AM stranded in a ditch from recently being hit by a car. This fundraiser raised over 2 thousand dollars towards this abandoned dog who was left to die.

Previous Success Story:

  • How much was funded: $4,315.00
  • Funds where to help Hughes boys and girls athletic programs at Hughes Middle School in Texas with our fundraising partner XLR8 Fundraising
  • Hughes middle school ran 2 separate fundraisers to create competition between the boys and and girls. Because of competition and the use of the unique Unified4People team member system, they raised over four thousand dollars towards their school's athletics program.

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