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SAVE BLUE BELL - dog hit by a car and left to die By - Courtney L

Courtney L's Story


I found Blue Bell in the early morning on Wednesday, January 25th at 7:45 AM stranded in a ditch from recently being hit by a car. I called the Houston SPCA to help in her rescue. Upon arrival the SPCA driver reported that if he took her, she would be euthanized due to her breed. I could not let him take her to certain death. In my heart, I knew I had to help her. Even through all of the trauma and fear, she never showed any signs of aggression. I brought her to Four Seasons Veterinary Hospital and they were very welcoming and quick to begin the diagnostic process. After sweet Blue Bell was sedated to ease her pain, the technicians performed radiographs and it was found that the she has a fracture to her skull, a broken bone in her foot, and a mild pneumothorax. She is currently being hospitalized and treated for shock and head trauma. The treatment of the broken bones and the pneumothorax will come after her life threatening conditions are stabilized. I am now reaching out to my community, asking for help for this sweet, young pup. She deserves a second chance at life, where she will be loved unconditionally in a home where she will be respected. Any donation you can give will help tremendously in her recovery.

The most recent update on Blue Bell: She has been transferred to an emergency facility for overnight care and monitoring. Tomorrow morning she will return to Four Seasons Veterinary Hospital for continued monitoring and care. She is getting a lot of love from the technicians and is a very strong girl!

UPDATE: Blue Bell did well over night! She is staying at the emergency center today to have a consult with the surgeon to determine whether surgery is necessary. Thank you all who have donated so far! She is feeling the love! I will keep all of you updated as I find out more.



Fundraising Update 3/2/2017

Okay guys!

I know we have reached our goal, but we still have 9 days to go, so instead of closing the campaign, I am going to do this.

Any of the donations that I receive from here, until the end of the 9 days, will go to the In The Name of Zoey rescue. This rescue is the only rescue that would help me out the day that I saved Blue Bell. They helped me with her emergency room visit and anything else I told them that I needed. If it were not for them, it would have been a lot harder on me and Blue Bell. I would greatly appreciate it if you would share this page and donate to them. They are a great rescue.

If you would like to donate directly to their donation page you can visit

Again, thank you all so much for all of your help. Ya'll are amazing!

Fundraising Update 3/2/2017

Well everyone! We've done it!!! All of Blue Bell's veterinary care has been paid for! Ya'll are so amazing! Without all of your help, none of this would have been possible! Thank you all so much! If you would like to check up on Blue Bell to see how she is doing during heartworm treatment, feel free to call Four Seasons Veterinary Hospital at 281-825-4994.

Thank you all so much!

Courtney (founder of Blue Bell), and Tori (Tech at Four Seasons)

Fundraising Update 3/2/2017

Update from Tori (tech at Four Seasons)

Hey guys!

Your generosity and support of Blue Bell continues to amaze me! With only 9 days left in the campaign we only have 270 dollars left to hit our goal! I don't even know how to begin to thank all of you for your kindness and love for sweet Blue Bell. She really is the best dog! I have taken her home a few days and nights, just to get her out of the kennel and give her some love and let her roam around. She gets along great with my dog, my son, and my cat, though my cat doesn't like her.  ;)  I just don't understand how an animal who has been thrown aside by her owners to whom she trusted, then hit by a car, could still love and trust humans the way she does. Animals continue to amaze me. 

As far as Blue Bell's progress goes, we're just waiting to start her extensive heartworm treatment. This should be started within the next 2 weeks, so thoughts and prayers would be very much appreciated! I have no idea where she would be today if it wasn't for all of your support for her. Thank you all and just remember, we are almost to our goal, so please share this page and remember, every dollar counts!

Fundraising Update 2/24/2017

Update on Blue Bell from Tori (tech at Four Seasons)

When I went into work at Four Seasons Veterinary Hospital yesterday, 2/22/17, I went to the kennel room to see Blue Bell like I usually do. As I went up to her kennel, I noticed that she looked very depressed. Her ears where down, her eyes were drooping, and she just had a depressing vibe to her. I took her out for a walk like I do every day I go to work and while her mood lifted a bit, she still seemed very sad, especially when I had to put her back into her kennel. She has been kenneled for a little over a month now, so I figured it had to do with her being caged up for so long. Seeing as how her 1st phase of her heartworm treatment is coming up pretty fast, and after that happens she won't be able to run around for at least 6 weeks, I felt the need to do something to cheer her up. I decided to take her home for the night to let her get out of the kennel and try to lift her spirits a bit. Before I left the clinic that night, I brought my pup Poe up to meet her to make sure they got along. Well, needless to say they hit it off and she came home with me! She did amazing at my house and had a fantastic time playing with Poe and I, so much so that I brought her back home with me tonight, 2/23/17. She gets along great with my 1 yr. 6 month old son and while my cat does not like her, she does not mind him. While I cannot keep her, I figure keeping her the happiest I can is the least I can do until she finds her forever home. And at least she will be able to play and run off some energy before she has to keep still for over 6 weeks.

Here are a couple of photos of her and Poe! They are so stinkin' cute! Thank ya'll for checking up on her, and remember every donation counts! If you can't donate please share!


Fundraising Update 2/22/2017

Hey guys!

We've only got a little over 2 weeks until this campaign is finished. We're almost at our goal! Ya'll have been so awesome and supportive!! If we could get to the goal in this last stretch that would be so great!! Please share, share, share this page and get it as far as it will go! Ya'll have been so amazing! Thank you so much. I know Blue Bell appreciates all the love for sure!

Fundraising Update 2/18/2017

Hey everyone!

I am so sorry it has been so long since I have given you all an update on sweet BlueBell. She is still hanging in there at Four Seasons and in about a month she will start the first phase of her extensive 3 phase heartworm treatment. Her spirits are high and her tail is always wagging. She is getting lots of love from all of the staff at Four Seasons and even gets to roam around the clinic at the end of the day when all of the other patients have gone home. If it wasn't for each and every one of you who has donated and shared her unified4people page, who knows what kind of situation she would be in. She still has quite the road ahead of her, but all of your thoughts, prayers, and donations sure do make it a little easier to get there. Keep on sharing and donating! We are almost at our goal to have her treatment taken care of! And remember, every dollar counts! Thank you!!


Fundraising Update 2/2/2017



Fundraising Update 2/2/2017

Day 7 / Blue bell is really doing great. She has started her antibiotics and heart worm preventative. In 30 days she will begin the first of three injections to kill of her severe heart worms which will take an additional 60 days of monitoring and very low activity for her. She needs to stay at the boarding/Hospital in Tomball while she is being administered the treatment. This means that we are almost there. Just a little further to push for her. So for, with everyone's help we have managed to raise enough money to get her saved, back in good health and on her way but it isn't over yet. I have adjusted the funding to exactly what we need to get her through the next 90 days at Four Seasons Animal Hospital. It is best she stays there where she is safe and comfortable in her surroundings. The heart worm treatment, coupled with her mild genetic heart disease will mean she needs to remain calm and only go in and out to use the restroom. She needs a lot of rest. I visited her today and brought her some toys and treats and her spirits are so high. She has a wonderful potential foster family waiting for her once she gets through her treatment. Please help me keep her there. We have come so far with all the angels who have donated. If everyone will share this fundraiser on social media the goal is really close.

Here are some pics from my visit today and I will be posting a video so check it out. Courtney

Fundraising Update 1/31/2017

Blue Bell is getting stronger by the day. As her fractures continue to heal, the vet will put together a plan to tackle her infestation of heartworms. While the treatment of her broken bones is pretty straight forward, she still has a very long and expensive road ahead of her to treat her heartworms. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers and continue to check in with us on her progress and remember, anything you can donate helps!!


Fundraising Update 1/27/2017

Blue Bell with her Cast!

Blue Bell being transported back to the Four Season Vet Hospital after 2 days in the ER. She is now taking her medicine orally and needs heart worm treatment.



Fundraising Update 1/27/2017

Day 3 - Blue Bell is at Four Seasons. Keep on calling, you have all helped saved this girl. She has a long road to recover and treat her heartworm issue and heart disease but she has a bright future ahead if we can keep helping her. Check the latetest pictures I have added.  

Fundraising Update 1/27/2017

Day2.  Echocardiogram results show that Blue Bell is suffering from SAS - Subvalvular Aortic Stenosis, a common genetic heart disease that combined with her heratworm disease will require a careful and extensive treatment but that in no way should be life threatening; she will required more funds to get her all better and she should enjoy years of happy life wih the right treatment. Blue Bell will be released from the NHVS ER as soon as she can take medications orally. Please DONATE TODAY! 
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