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Not on Our Watch - Security Cameras for Family Receiving Racial Threats By - Tracey S

Tracey S's Story

Stephanie E. is an individual dedicated to the alleviation of homeless suffering, an integral part of our community, the mother of a beautiful mixed-race family, and now the recipient of anonymous, racial, hate threats. In our support of our friend and neighbor, and to stand for what is right in our community, we are raising funds to purchase and install security cameras at her home. We need the funds to be raised as soon as possible for timely installation. This is one simple gesture in the face of hate, and the practical application provides a gift of great impact for Stephanie's family. Thank you for joining us. The more we invest in our communities with love and compassion, the more power we have together.

Fundraising Update 8/1/2016

With incredible gratitude and renewed faith, we are thankful to report that the funds raised have exceeded what was needed for this project. We will now close this campaign. As Stephanie is also the mind and heart behind the non-profit organization Stephanie's Lifeline - HOPE ( ), the additional support will go directly into projects for assisting the homeless population and others in need. All of you who have invested with your love, whether by sharing this call-out with others or donating financial help, demonstrate that the will of love is alive and strong. We urge you to continue in your dedication to equality and community. From the smallest and the greatest words and actions of kindness come terrific strength that we all can share.

Thank you. Truly, thank you.

Tracey S.

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