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Katy - Abandoned and left to fend for herself. Matted, dirty, flea infested and raw from itching. By - Yorkie Rescue Houston

Yorkie Rescue Houston's Story

Yorkie Rescue Houston is a non-profit organization whose sole purpose is to help those animals who have been neglected and thrown aside. This is a never ending campaign and we will have a different featured pet each month that is in desperate need of funds to help with everything from major surgeries, to heart-worm treatment, to routine vaccines and preventative care. This website is one of the only ways this rescue receives donations, so every penny helps! If you can't donate, please at least share the page so it can get around to every possible person! Thank you!

This Month's Featured Rescue - Katy

Meet Katy.  Katy Neglected and abandoned.  She needs lots of help!

Sedated to be groomed, she has severe hair loss due to flea dermatitis.  This is not difficult to treat.  It takes time.  and medicine.  and donations.    

We will know more when she has completed her examination at the veterinarian.


Yorkie Rescue Houston has taken her in.  We will see her through this.  Will you help us?

This is Katy as she was sedated.  notice that gray mass on her lower lip?  That's a HAIR CLOT

Notice her left paw?  That's where her hair was so badly matted, it imbedded in her leg and cut deep

into the tissue

Massive polyp in her Left ear

Her bill is estimated to be close to $3000.  



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