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Who we are...

Domo's Friends is a small non profit dog rescue and shelter operating out of Seoul, South Korea.  It is run by Emily Doran who is an American citizen from Maryland and has lived in Korea for the last 7 years.  

Domo's Friends primarily rescues dogs from Korea Animal Rescue and Management AC, KARMA ( which is Seoul's high kill shelter.   On average they have around 200 dogs.  Dogs are usually given 10 days to be claimed by their owner and then 10 days to be adopted before they are euthanized.   Domo's Friends tries to rescue primarily last day dogs and save them from death. In the 9 months that the rescue has been running, we have rescued 54 dogs from KARMA and another 7 from other shelters.  Out of those 54, 40 are in their forever homes with 10 waiting on their flights to America.

Why are we using go fund me? 

in the last few months, we have taken in a number of dogs with more severe issues and now we are trying to pay off our vet bill and help buy some more supplies so we can keep rescuing.  Any bit helps and we are grateful for anything you can give.

Find out more about Domo's Friends on facebook at or on instagram @domosfriends

Fundraising Update 5/5/2017



This donation drive was a huge success.  With a combination of our Unified4People campaign,  direct paypal and korean bank transfers, and our Beer Pong Tournament we held on April 22, we were able to raise around $2,500!

We have officially paid off our vet bill and have bought enough supplies to last us another month with a little left over that we can use for our next rescues who will be coming soon.  Thank you all so much and keep following us on facebook and instagram @domosfriends for more stories and cute pictures.

Fundraising Update 5/1/2017

New rescues today which means we need your help paying down the vet bill.  We are almost there.  I knoe we can do it!

Fundraising Update 4/27/2017

We are getting closer and closer to our goal but still need your help.  Every little bit helps to pay off our vet bill and help us continue to do what we do.  To help persuade you here is a picture of chestnut.  He has a bent esophagus and now oinks like a pig.  

Fundraising Update 4/24/2017

This is one of the dogs who your money is going to support.  Dooboo is suffering from a bad respiratory infection  and also seems to have some nerological issues.  He will hopefully be flying to america on May 5th to get better care but we need to get him as healthy as we possibly can by then, meaning vet visits every 3 days.

Fundraising Update 4/24/2017

We are doing great.  Our fundraiser in saturday and some online donations through paypal or direct bank transfer has brought our total up to 1600 with our unified4people campaign.  Please continue to help spread the word so we can hit our goal!
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