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Mikala, abandoned and discarded. Destined to die in the shelter. But we said, "Not on our watch!" By - Yorkie Rescue Houston

Yorkie Rescue Houston's Story

Mikala was picked up as a stray and taken to animal control.  The A/C officer indicated she was not worth saving and said she needed to be taken straight to euthanasia.  Thankfully, shelter volunteers disagreed and reached out to us for help.  We immediately said "Yes!".  We're not sure if this baby has ever known the love and kindness of a human touch.  She has hair loss, probably due to flea dermatitis.  Her itching so severe she scratched herself raw.  With open wounds and no hair. she was taken home by a volunteer, given a medicated bath and flea medication.

We transported her to our vet where she is undergoing a thorough intake exam and evaluation.  We don't know what all is wrong with her, but we know we will help her, no matter what it is!  Will you help us help her?



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