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Project Piruw Donation/ Donacion a Proyecto Piruw By - Luisa Fernanda Nadarajah

Luisa Fernanda Nadarajah's Story


A few years ago I visited my mother's humble village in the High Lands of Peru, for the first time, and realized how lucky we are to have access to clean water, good education or even nutrition, things I took for granted. These kids deserve better so I created a non-profit, 501C(3) tax-exempt organization called "Infinite Possibilities for All" to help raise funds to support our mission.

Project Piruw is our first Project: "We're committed to improving the life of children in Peru by providing education and nutrition to needy children"

We’re working hard to make the most out of your donations!

Let us begin by telling you that the Computer and Internet class we sponsored is a success and students are learning anything from how to turn on the computer to exploring Word Doc. and Google!

Also, This same school, Escuela Winaypaq doesn’t have clean water; they even send students with an empty bottle of water home for their refreshments the next day. As sad as this may seem, thanks to one special donor, today Thursday November 2nd we’re drilling water well for them! 

Last but not least, , Luisa Fernanda on December 2017,  traveled with over 400 educational donation toys! They were distributed by Piruw volunteers in the most remote and needy areas of the Andes!

2018 donations will be allocated to keeping the school running at it's best, starting from donating for operational costs.

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Luisa Fernanda Nadarajah

Infinite Possibilities for All Non-Profit - Founder

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