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Help Keep Glazov Gang Alive! By - Aynaz C

Aynaz C's Story

Dear Supporters of The Glazov Gang,

Over the years, we have stood on the dangerous leading edge of countering the Establishment Media’s fraudulent narrative. We have vigilantly exposed the subversive workings of the Unholy Alliance (between the Left and Islam) in this information war.

Today, we are asking for your help - as we have some tremendous new productions planned in this fight for the freedom of our country and civilization.

We are but a few voices who persist against the Unholy Alliance’s control of our boundaries of discourse. We dare to speak up on behalf of persecuted women and girls who are enslaved under Islamic ideology, while the Establishment Media ignores their plight. We are survivors and dissidents who have experienced tyranny firsthand. And we know very well how wicked the Left and Islam can be.

Here are our biggest accomplishments lately. We will create more successes like these, with your help:


  • Over 40 public speaking engagements on tour by our producer, Anni Cyrus. Almost all her speeches have been captured on video, and are being aired on Glazov Gang and elsewhere.


  • Videos and articles by Anni and Dr. Jamie Glazov are routinely run on Jihad Watch, Frontpage and other top-view sites across the Internet. Glazov Gang resources, tools and team networking make such routine productions possible.


  • Over ONE MILLION, two hundred thousand views have accumulated on YouTube for the Glazov Gang video of Anni’s remarkable stage appearance in Chicago, intriguingly titled, “The Solution to Stop Islam.”


  • Jamie's widely acclaimed new book, Jihadist Psychopath, is, at this moment, Amazon’s #1 Best Seller in the "Medical Mental Illness" category. It is also Amazon's #1 New Release in the “Islam” category. Your donation support to the Glazov Gang is directly interwoven with the research, writing, publication and promotion of this best-seller. Jihadist Psychopath has become such a monumental success that it has gained the distinguished honor of beingtargeted by Twitter and Pakistan for violating Islamic blasphemy laws.


Your support has helped bring us all of these successes – which include Jamie’s appearance on Mike Huckabee’s and Eric Bolling’s TV shows. We are most grateful to you.

Donations to The Glazov Gang are central to us continuing getting the truth out. We exist and do what we do because of you.


So please, help us Keep The Glazov Gang Alive.

We love you, and we are eternally gratefully.

With deep gratitude, Anni and Jamie.

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