Unified4People Charity Guide

Unified4People provides special programs for charities!

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Never ending campaigns.

As a charitable organization, Unified4People provides campaigns with no deadlines and no expiration! Keep your fund-raising going permanently and keep building donations!

No goals needed. No minimum ever!

With other sites, you need goals, whether real or pretend. With Unified4People, what you raise is yours. It’s that simple.

Reduced fee structure!

Unified4People’s fees are reduced to 1/2 our normal fee of individual campaigns. Our fee is only 1.5% plus the standard payment processing fees.

Take donations on site at fund-raising functions.

Hosting a fund-raising function? An iPad, Android tablet or a smart phone and you can have attendees donate on the spot! And even anonymously if they want.

Donations at your business.

Keep an iPad, Android tablet or computer open right at your animal shelter or donation site and take donations in a snap.

Monthly payout options.

Unified4People offers monthly payouts to charitable campaigns that allow you to collect your pledges and donations automatically each month. Perfect for charitable organizations with on-going operations!

Mobile friendly campaigns!

Unified4People’s are all mobile friendly for your convenience and the convenience of pledgors.