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How campaigns work.

A Unified4People campaign allows you to post pictures, videos and information about you, your story and your need for your friends, or the world. It provides an easy interface for friends, families, benefactors and even the Unified4People community to assist you.


Simply create your campaign using our easy interface! Be creative. Personalize your campaign. Be thorough. The more information you put in there, the more people will want to help!

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Once you launch your campaign, get it out there! Promote it on Facebook, Twitter, Email, etc. Tell your friends and family and we'll automatically send reminders! You can also build your own fundraising team and have them spread the word with a personalized message crafted by you! Collect your pledges right on your campaign page!

You can track the performance of your fundraising campaign through Unified4People's intuitive campaign management dashboard which tells you everything you need to know about your campaign at a glance.


With NO REQUIRED “GOAL”, every pledge you get goes to you! Yes, no “goal” you have to meet, no “flex funding” requirements, and no required “rewards.” It’s really easy. Your pledges are yours. That’s it!

What do we get? Only a small fee for building, maintaining and managing this site, your pledges and everything else we need to help you make your campaign successful. For a breakdown of our fees, click here.


This option lets you receive all your pledges in a single payment at the end of your campaign. If you have an immediate need (behind on your mortgage, medical bills due, etc), you can get your pledges when the campaign ends in 1 payment to help you meet that need.


This option lets you receive your funds as your campaign runs. If you run a longer campaign you can choose to be paid throughout the duration of the campaign.


This option lets people who pledge send their pledge into a fund that will be used to provide you monthly assistance at the same time, each month. Let’s say your campaign is designed to help with medicine or medical treatment you need monthly, or to help with the rent at your start-up business, you can get your payment each month at the same time to help you plan and manage those obligations!


Want to increase pledges? Choose this option. This option lets the person pledging decide whether their pledge will come to you in a single payment at the end of the campaign, or whether it goes into the till to increase your monthly payments. We recommend this option for most campaigns as frequently people who pledge will feel more comfortable if they know their assistance will be helping you each month.

Please see our FAQ for more information or read one of our detailed guides found in the footer.

There are many reason to use us, so many we put together a detailed explaining why.

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